5 Most Common Professional Office Location Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or add a new location for your professional business, choosing the wrong location can be a disaster for reaching your ideal target market and growing a thriving, profitable business. This article will help you to understand how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes when choosing a professional office location and how to make the best choice in Southwest Florida.

MISTAKE #1: Wrong Location

There are many factors to consider when choosing a location for your business. The location will determine the market you reach and your ability to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. It will also impact the quality of your customers, convenience for your staff and customers, security risks, expenses, and bottom line profits.

Convenience for staff and customers is an important consideration for your office location. Even seasonal customers and vacationers value their time. They want to spend their time shopping, playing golf, enjoying nature, socializing with friends, going to beaches and eating out. They are more apt to use services close to where they live or stay. Even better is when they can make appointments for services they need in the same building complex.

Along with convenience, one of the biggest sources of frustration for customers and business owners is a lack of sufficient parking. Make sure that your office has ample parking to accommodate each tenant’s staff and customers.

Choosing a less than optimal location can mean a long time lease commitment that results in a great deal of stress and a poor business outcome.

MISTAKE #2: Poor Office Condition and Configuration

The condition of the building that you occupy can be the difference between smooth operations and chaos in dealing with multiple repairs and renovations. If you are considering an older property, make sure that is modernized and well maintained. This is likely to reduce your lease costs, maintenance costs, and time dealing with repair issues that can substantially reduce your bottom line. An office that is up to date, in good repair and organized is also a positive reflection of your brand identity. A well-maintained property gives you more time and resources to concentrate on activities that will grow your brand and produce business growth.

Settling for an office that was built for another tenant and falls short of meeting your needs may seem attractive for your budget. In reality, it but may interfere with business operations and cost a lot more when you realize that relocation is your only viable solution. Moving your office brings in a whole set of new problems including more expenses, loss of some existing customers, and time and costs in acquiring new ones. Make sure that you have the flexibility to customize your space to make it ideal for the optimal performance of your business.

A major source of stress for tenants is a lack of support in getting needed repairs and improvements made that are the responsibility of the building management. Good tenant support is flexible, gets things done in a timely manner and even assists with build outs and customized improvements to make the office space move in ready.

MISTAKE #3: Wrong Mix of Tenants

Your neighboring tenants can have an impact on your business, both good and bad. When there is a diverse mixture of businesses with no commonality in the interests and demographics of their customers, you cannot expect to benefit from valuable networking relationships and referrals. A diverse group of customers may also negatively impact your ability to attract the customers you most want to acquire.

Moving into an office location without suitable or any anchor tenants that serve your same market can slow and limit your business growth. But when you have a neighboring tenant with high-demand services for your ideal market, you have an opportunity to use professional networking and referrals to hit the ground running and experience rapid and sustainable growth.

MISTAKE #4: Wrong Customer Demographics

You are likely to attract and retain customers who are similar in demographics to your neighboring tenants. If you are surrounded by businesses who serve a market of low-income earners on tight budgets, this is the same market coming to you and looking for bargain rates. If your goal is to attract a more affluent market who have the financial resources to get everything they need and want, think about the quality of the neighboring tenants, the services they provide and the types of customers they attract.

MISTAKE #5: High Costs that Compromise Profits

Every business owner would love to be in a brand new property on a heavily traveled road in a prime upscale area. But in reality, the costs are enormous and can greatly reduce profits. Between rent, CAM  costs and impact fees, the financial drain is often enough to put under-capitalized professionals out of business. A renovated and well-maintained property close to a heavily traveled road and an affluent market of customers offers many advantages with respect to costs. Rents and CAM are significantly lower without any costly impact fees. This means more net profits and faster business growth.

Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes and Set Yourself Up for Success with a Professional Office at Bonita Professional Park

Here’s what you can expect – a great location half a block from 41 and 1/4 mile from Bonita Beach Road – the main thoroughfare in Bonita Springs Florida. The building is newly renovated, well maintained, has reasonable rent and CAM expenses, no impact fees, great security, plenty of parking and neighboring tenants share your market largely without competition. A great new anchor tenant offers high-end spa and holistic health services. Spaces are in move in ready condition for medical offices, a dental office, and an adult day care facility. Occupancy in these spaces is likely to provide services in high demand for an affluent market.

Seldom do you have an opportunity to choose an office location for your medical, dental, physical therapy, vision, hearing, insurance, law or other professional practice and achieve great success quickly. Right now within this 52,000 SF building complex, you can choose move in ready and fully customizable office spaces in virtually every size and configuration to meet your needs. Extra perks include assistance with build-outs and other renovations and a management team that is there to help you get what you need to set up a thriving business. Contact us for a free tour without any obligation.


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