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Grow Your Home Business with a Prime Bonita Springs Executive Suite Location

When is it time to leave the home office at home and migrate your business into a professional executive suite location? Perhaps you’re a counselor, massage therapist, financial planner, attorney or provide other face-to-face services at your location. On the surface it may appear that working from home is the best way to limit costs and increase profits. But working from home is also a major reason for business failure. Four major factors can help you to understand how maintaining an office space outside your home can greatly enhance your organization, focus and business growth. In this post we will explore how professional image, space, physical environment and location can have a significant impact on your business results and bottom line profits.

Image and Brand

When you see customers in your home, what does your home office say about you? Do customers have a sense that you are a professional with a separate room that is furnished as an office or treatment area and exclusively used for that purpose? Or are you greeting them and conducting your meeting in a limited space among your family, pets, your personal possessions and other distractions? Think about the customer’s perception of you from the time you answer the phone to the time they walk in your door. Also consider the type of customer you are attracting when your home office location is not professional and conducive to providing your services.

Office Space

Perhaps you don’t have adequate space in your home to accommodate a separate office that keeps you organized and focused on your business. Even if you do not see customers at your location, if your office space is mixed in with your personal papers and responsibilities, it can lead to multiple problems ranging from lack of focus, documentation errors, billing issues and failure to follow up. A disorganized business is filled with stress and seldom profitable.

Physical Environment

Is your home office environment conducive to maintaining an organized and profitable business? Even if you have a separate office, stacks of files and other clutter, and a lack of appropriate furniture, equipment and supplies will have an impact on your performance and bottom line results. Are there distracting noises from family conversations, dogs barking and other interruptions from phones and TVs? Even smells in your office environment can profoundly affect customers and your own sense of well being.


The convenience of your location to the customers you serve when providing in office services cannot be overstated. Customers arriving in your home for a professional purpose expect to be seen in a private office that is conducive to the service you are providing. If your location is far off the beaten path and inconvenient, they will think twice about doing business with you. This will greatly reduce the number and type of customers you attract and retain.

Is it Time to Grow Your Business?

If any or all of these four issues are present in your home office and affecting your peace of mind and results, perhaps it’s time to consider leasing a professional executive suite. Finding a location that is convenient, professional, move in ready and accessible for the customers you wish to serve will set you up for business success – particularly when you find and entice your customers through appropriate advertising and marketing. Then don’t be surprised when you begin receiving your ideal customers who are much more likely to continue your services, tell their friends and give you online rave reviews (which will attract many more customers).

Selecting an office based on cost alone can lead to disappointing results. It is best to choose a great location in a heavily traveled area with plenty of parking and without over spending for services you don’t need and want. Being in an executive suite office location that is designated for professional services is a big plus for your brand and for referrals from neighboring tenants through networking relationships.

Here’s What You Will Get at Bonita Professional Park Executive Suites

Located in a prime Bonita location just off 41 and less than 1 mile South of Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Professional Park Executive Suites cannot be beat for location, convenience, costs, parking, maintenance and security. Unlike many other office suite locations, you’re not going to pay for extravagant costly services that you don’t need or want. What you do get is a beautiful, well maintained office with access to shared areas where all maintenance is included.

If you ever wanted to hit the ground running and grow your business fast, the right location is vital. At Bonita Professional Park, your prime office space location is in a heavily traveled area with access to affluent year round families and seniors, seasonal residents, and vacationers. The entire office park is just a short driving distance from Naples, Estero and Fort Myers. The building complex is accessed from a short driveway just off of Bonita Crossing Blvd where it is surrounded by a spacious and newly repaved parking lot bordered by lush beautiful tropical landscaping. The Executive Office Suites on the 1st floor of building B are central within the newly refurbished professional office park building.

Executive office suites range from 120 to 170 square feet. They include a shared kitchen, shared rest room and conference room for up to 6 people with a 34″ TV supporting HDMI access. Maintenance is included in all common areas. Executive Suites can be rented furnished or unfurnished for a lease term of one year or more. Tenants can choose options for Wi-Fi and Voice Edge phones that allow for calls to be transferred to any number for any suite. A Virtual Secretary will then send calls to a tenant’s phone and take messages.

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