North Exam Room Suite A2 - 950 SF Bonita Springs Medical Office for Lease

How to Create a Thriving Internal Medicine Practice Fast

If you’re just starting your internal medicine practice or looking for a new great location to expand, here are three important things you can do to set yourself up for success and build your practice fast.

1. Consider Your Location…

A standalone medical office off the beaten path may appear to be a sound financial move because of price. But in reality, an isolated facility that is not easily accessible for the market you want to reach is likely to be a financial disaster. Soon you’ll be throwing good money after bad as you desperately use marketing and advertising dollars to frantically try to lure people to your doors. And perhaps the patients you attract are not the affluent adults and seniors who will pay top dollar for the services you provide.

Keep in mind that most people are busy – even retired people and those on vacation don’t want to spend their time driving when they can choose to go somewhere close by. They value convenience and will avoid an out of the way location for professional services including medical care. And there are so many competitors in great locations where it is convenient, why would they bother to go to a doctor out in Tinbuktu? If your practice is along the Gulf Coast of sunny Florida where there are an abundance of local year-round residents, snowbirds and visitors from all over the world, do you really want to ignore this upscale market who live and stay in affluent communities and hotels?

Tenants Nearby as a Source of Business for You…

There is power in numbers. That is why a restaurant will often choose to be located in an area where there are a variety of other restaurants – not two pizza places of course, but an area where customers can choose Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese, and others. Restaurant owners know that customers may want Italian one day but will notice the other establishments and come back another time to try their restaurant out.

The same principle holds true for businesses in professional office parks where health and beauty services are available. Consider that a medical office located in a prime Bonita Springs Florida location within a professional office park has definite advantages. People coming for health and beauty services will notice a new Internal Medicine provider in the same convenient location. And what if there were move-in ready medical offices to meet almost every need available right away for occupancy? Savvy internists might see an opportunity. They can find a medical office space in this Bonita Spring office park and hit the ground running. They will acquire more and more new patients as other noncompeting health and beauty tenants become a source of referral business.

Keeping Expenses Low to Maximize Your ROI …

The problem with prime medical office space in a great location is costs. By the time you move in, you’re looking at massive overhead from pricey rent, CAM and costly impact fees. You just about have to see three times as many patients just to break even. And that means hiring more personnel with even more overhead.

What if you could choose a well maintained and newly renovated professional office park location in the heart of Bonita Springs where you had access to a large market of affluent adults and seniors? And in this professional center in a prime Bonita Springs location, you can expect to refer business to other tenants who will refer customers to you. And you can rapidly multiple your ROI due to a reasonable rent and CAM without having to pay any costly impact fees. That is exactly what you can expect from Bonita Springs Professional Park.

The Perfect Medical Office Space Location in Bonita Springs Florida

Bonita Professional Park is a location with 52,000 SF of office space conveniently located just off 41 near Bonita Beach Road in a heavily traveled location. Besides your regular patients, Bonita Professional Park provides you access to an abundance of year round residents, seasonal visitors and tourists – all who prefer to choose services close to where they live and/or vacation. Fortunately this newly renovated professional building complex offers you move in ready medical office space in a variety of sizes, assistance with build-outs and other renovations, reasonable rents, no impact fees, abundant parking, and a source of referral business from tenants who provide services to upscale adults and seniors. Call for an appointment and let us help you hit the ground running with a profitable Internal medicine practice.


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