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How to Overcome 3 Common Mistakes that Cost Success in a Dental Office

One of the biggest challenges for dentists establishing a new practice or adding a practice location is to acquire and retain new patients who need and can afford costly dental services. This post will explore three of the biggest mistakes by dentists that can cost them a successful dental practice.  These mistakes relate to location, marketing and reputation.

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Location

Establishing a dental office where there is access to an abundance of upscale tourists, seasonal visitors, part time and full residents is not difficult if you have a large amount of capital to invest and don’t mind losing money for the first few years. Many dentists believe that being visible on a major roadway is the most important factor. What they don’t often think about is the balance sheet between income and expenses. This can easily make the life of their practice short lived when they find that they can’t keep up with exorbitant expenses. Even if they manage to make the rent, CAM, utilities and payroll each month, the stress is overwhelming and the sacrifices enormous to a quality happy life.

Another problem related to a dental office location is to make a choice based on low rents and overhead.. Rents are generally low for a reason – it is a less than desirable area, often inconvenient, off the beaten path and likely to attract bargain hunters who use minimal services at discount prices. These are seldom patients who are compliant with preventative care and show up consistently for appointments.

The other less than desirable dental office location is one with a diverse mix of tenants that do not serve the same market. In such cases, there is little incentive to form mutually beneficial networking relationships that can substantially add to new patient acquisition.

Mistake #2: Expensive Offline and Direct Mail Marketing

Another risk to the success of a dental practice is investing in expensive offline and direct mail marketing that seldom produces a significant return on investment. Television, radio, billboards, magazine publications and direct mail can certainly help to build a brand but these marketing methods are very expensive and seldom produce a good return on investment. They are also directed toward impulse shoppers – rather than the serious buyer who is searching online for a family dentist, cosmetic dentist or dental implants for example.

Unfortunately, what many dentists do is to follow other dentists even when it does not make sense economically to do so. Dentists who have substantial financial reserves can afford to take a loss on their investment. Generally these are not new dentists or dentists on a budget seeking to open up an additional location. As effective as offline and direct mail strategies may be for increasing brand awareness, the costs are steep and not nearly as productive to ROI as some of the less costly online marketing and advertising methods.Not only will search marketing produce a much higher quality lead and patient, the cost to reach this market is significantly lower and associated with a very high ROI.

Mistake #3: Not Building a Strong Reputation Online

Whether offline or online, nothing can impact the success of a dental practice more than reputation. Reputation comes from the patient’s perception of their experience and their overall satisfaction with staff, billing, costs and services. It is no longer possible to build a thriving dental practice from word of mouth alone.

Reputation is foundational for success in today’s online environment. It is also important offline but the overwhelming majority of new business will come from an online environment. If you have ever searched for a product or service online, it is likely that you looked for positive ratings and reviews which influenced your buying decision. This applies to dentists too. Many dentists overlook the importance of having positive ratings and reviews online. If there are dentists who have huge numbers of 5 star ratings and glowing comments about them, these are the dentists who will get the business from visitors who are searching for dental services online.

Dentists who are marketing online but have no reviews or many negative reviews will feel the impact in their bottom line. One of the best kept secrets is that it is now possible to have an automated system in place to determine patient satisfaction, solicit positive reviews, and to resolve patient complaints before they appear as a negative review online. This one small investment can be one of the most effective strategies for driving website traffic that produces new business and sustains business growth.

Set Yourself Up for Success in a New or Expanded Dental Practice

Only one dentist will have the opportunity to lease a newly renovated dental office in Bonita Springs Florida and hit the ground running. This dental office even includes underground piping worth thousands of dollars. Imagine your patients being greeting in a comfortable waiting room with reception desk and bath. Keep revenues flowing from dental services in 5 separate dental exam/procedure rooms that only need your chairs, dental equipment and patients. You’ll also have a patient intake room, additional rest room, large laboratory with storage, a supply/storage area, and kitchen with lockers. A central elevator for the building provides easy access to this 2nd floor office.

Did you know that there are over 240 monthly searches online for dentists in Bonita Springs? Those are people who are actively looking for a dentist in Bonita. Would you like to have those people choose you as their dentist? What would 10% or 24 new patients per month do for your revenues? With a little bit of marketing, that number could actually be much higher.

One of the Best Available Dental Office Locations Will Not Last Long

Instead of high-end costly office space that takes a sharp bite out of your profits, Bonita Professional Park offers you a well-maintained property with affordable rent and CAM and no impact fees. This means that each patient you acquire and retain will add substantially to your revenue and net profits. Your patients will love the convenience and the abundant free parking in a secure property close to where they live, rent and vacation.

You can count on a management team that is there to help you get what you need to set up a thriving dental practice. Contact us at (877) 226-3312 for a free tour without any obligation.


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