People Searching for Doctors Could Find You in Bonita Springs

Are you a doctor just starting your practice or already successful and needing a new professional office space location to expand your services? Would you like to know how to set yourself up for almost immediate success with a thriving medical practice? This article will reveal what you must know about choosing an office location and how to reach a hot market of prospective patients – people who will come to you for care and tell their family and friends. So here’s what you should know.

Online Searches and Reviews

Most people looking for a doctor are searching online. This is likely to be in Google, Facebook or a site specific for physician reviews like Healthgrades.com or Vitals.com. What is most important is that there are 1000’s of monthly searches for doctors in Bonita Springs and many of the people searching are looking at reviews. Word of mouth carries the most weight and that includes ratings and comments from your patients. This means that one of your biggest priorities is to get positive reviews from every new patient and existing patient who comes to your office. And when patients understand that they are helping other patients by giving this feedback, it is not a difficult sell. In fact, they are glad to oblige. You will want to integrate a review funnel however that readily identifies happy vs unhappy patients and diverts the unhappy ones to a feedback form that help you turn a negative into a positive experience.

Besides the Market

Getting positive ratings and reviews depends on customer service. This begins with your front office staff, nursing support staff and any other personnel from phlebology to medical billing. The customer service experience must be respectful, satisfying and compassionate. And the care the patient receives from you must be appropriate and in line with their needs and expectations. Telling a patient to do something that is physically or financially impossible is likely to produce frustration and a poor outcome from a lack of compliance. Taking time to understand their needs and constraints and work within those parameters will show how much you really care about helping them. Sometimes patients just need to be heard. Taking a few extra minutes to really listen  can be the difference in a complaint online and rave reviews.

Modernize your Practice

Availing yourself of technology and support services that free up more of your time can go a long way to making your practice more efficient, satisfying and profitable. Many times doctors try to do everything themselves and end up sacrificing the things that are most important – namely patient care. And this costs them dearly in stress and revenues. Patients greatly appreciate an office that makes use of innovative technology that streamlines office operations. They like that you have access to all their medical records and methods to readily and privately share information in a way that enhances their care.

A Location for Success

Why choose Bonita Springs for your medical practice? Choose the right location within Bonita Springs and get access to an area that is rich in affluent local and seasonal retirees, families, professionals and tourists from all over the world. More and more people are taking up permanent residence in the coastal areas of SW Florida every year. The area in and around Bonita Springs is one of the fastest growing in this region. And to meet the demands for products and services, the infrastructure growth is extensive – newly constructed upscale shopping, restaurants, heath care facilities and office buildings along Tamiami Trail – the most important coastal highway for traveling to neighboring SW Florida cities and accessing services throughout the Bonita Springs area. Savvy professionals and other business owners are seizing the opportunity to capture this market who have the financial resources and will spend liberally to get what they need and want.

The key to choosing a great office space within this rapidly growing area is a location close to Tamiami Trail and Bonita Beach Road offering ready access to the rich life style among beautiful beaches, parks, shopping, dining, arts and entertainment, historic landmarks, schools, hotels and beautiful custom homes and planned communities. But even more important is to choose a location that is both convenient and affordable. Although the prime office locations and retail strip shopping are right on 41, leasing space here carries a heavy price tag that takes a sharp bite out of profits. But what if you could find a modern ready to lease medical office just a half block off 41 near Bonita Beach Road for a fraction of the price?

Introducing Bonita Professional Park

The perfect location in Bonita Springs is available for you right now at Bonita Professional Park. Currently there is ready to lease medical office space in a newly renovated, well maintained professional office park in a great location close to 41 and Bonita Beach Rd. This prime property offers reasonable rents and CAM expenses, no impact fees, great security, plenty of parking and neighboring tenants who will share your market without competition. From this location, you will have access to an abundance of local year-round residents, snowbirds and visitors from all over the world – an upscale market who live and stay in affluent communities and hotels.

Right now within this 52,000 SF building, you can choose move in ready and fully customizable office spaces in virtually every size and configuration to meet your needs. With Bonita Professional Park, you are choosing a professional office park location in the heart of Bonita Springs with access to a large market of affluent adults and seniors including those from a spa which is about to occupy an 8,065 SF space in this building complex.. Extra perks include assistance with build-outs and other renovations and a management team that is there to help you get what you need to set up a thriving business. Contact us at (877) 226-3312 for a free tour without any obligation.


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