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Perfect Concierge Medicine Office Location Complete with Patients

It is no surprise that Florida has an abundance of senior citizens in need of quality medical care. It is also a known fact that doctors in many specialties are barely making ends meet because of cutbacks in Medicare reimbursement. Some even refuse to take Medicare patients. But what if there was a way for doctors to access a more affluent population of seniors who would pay top dollar for more personalized medical care?

Introducing Concierge Medicine

The concept of concierge medicine has become extremely popular in the past several years, particularly in affluent areas. People who have financial resources to pay for personalized care, will sign up with a doctor for a fixed fee for unlimited and longer visits in the patient’s home or place of residence.

Limitations of Concierge Medicine

But there are many limitations to this model when it comes to seniors who require many health related services, have a poor tolerance for change, and depend on others for appointment coordination and transportation. Concierge medical providers who do not maintain an office lack essential equipment for providing comprehensive care in one facility. This is true when it comes to complete physical exams, diagnostics, radiology, laboratories and urgent care treatments.

Taking Concierge Medicine to a Whole New Level

But what if the concierge concept could include an optimum medical office in a location where there was already a dominant affluent senior population? These are people in an adult day care environment – people whose families will gladly pay concierge prices for their aging loved ones to receive quality medical care in a well-equipped medical office where no transportation is necessary.

Concierge Medicine at Bonita Professional Park

Now imagine that medical office space is located in a prime location and is right next door to an extensive market of affluent adult day care seniors. This is precisely the opportunity that exists right now at Bonita Professional Park. A 52,000 SF professional office park in a prime Bonita Springs location has ready to lease medical offices in various sizes – offices that are adjacent to an adult day care center in the same complex.

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