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Prime Bonita Springs and Naples Office Space Locations

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or a seasoned professional looking for a prime Bonita Springs or Naples office space location, you probably want to get the best value for your money and return on your investment. After all, setting up your office is about access to your best market in a convenient, well maintained office park at a reasonable cost. But you’ll also want to consider your neighboring tenants. After all, if they don’t compete with you but share a common type of customer, that could be very good for your business.

Consider what customers want…

If you’ve looked at office space in Naples and Bonita Springs, most likely you’ve seen office park locations and retail centers where there is considerable diversity of businesses, each with a different target market. Among dentists and financial services, you are likely to see retail shops with shoes, clothing, pet grooming and supplies, restaurants, travel and more. Although this might be very attractive for retailers and restaurants, professionals such as doctors, dentists, physical therapists, insurance agents, attorneys and CPAs get lost in the mix. Customers are busy people – even retirees like the services they need and use to be convenient. And they don’t want to waste a lot of their time. They prefer to get the bulk of their appointments in one central location close to their home. This provides a receptive market for allied businesses and professionals who share a common customer.

Office space locations that steal your profits…

If you’re thinking about new construction office park and retail center locations, it is important to consider the cost. Office space in Naples comes with a premium cost where access to an affluent market of adults and senior is still available in Bonita Springs. In newer buildings and new construction in both Naples and Bonita Springs, businesses pay a premium per square foot, CAM and expensive impact fees that are paid by the tenant. This is why these spaces are largely occupied by corporate giants – businesses that have massive budget for branding, marketing and advertising. Smaller local businesses seldom have to funds to afford such locations and still make a profit.

Bonita Springs professional office location near Naples to maximize your ROI …

What if you could choose a well maintained and newly renovated professional office park location in the heart of Bonita Springs where you had access to a large market of affluent adults and seniors? These are year round residents, seasonal visitors and tourists needing and wanting medical, dental, legal, financial and other professional services close to where they live and vacation. And in this professional center in a prime Bonita Springs location, you can expect to refer business to other tenants who will refer clients to you. And you can rapidly multiple your ROI due to a reasonable rent and CAM without having to pay any costly impact fees. That is exactly what you can expect from Bonita Springs Professional Park. Contact us for a free tour without any obligation.


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