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Profit from Networking Relationships in a Professional Office Location

Business owners in almost every profession from medical, dental, health and beauty, legal, insurance and more, can set themselves up for success through professional networking relationships. If you provide professional services, probably you or one of your staff has participated in a BTB event or group where you share leads and refer business to one another. Within these groups, you have probably noticed that the market served by other group members can either be a source of great leads or marginally beneficial. The greatest benefit comes when the other professionals in your group serve the same market without competition and are located close to you and the customers they serve. You will also benefit much more when the targeted customer has financial resources to afford the services you offer. Before spending your time with professional networking, decide if it is a good fit for you. Get really clear on the type of customers, clients or patients you want to attract.  Keep in mind that higher income and well-educated people are going to add substantially and much more rapidly to your revenues and net profits.

Office Location is Key to Business Success

If customers are physically served at your place of business, it is particularly important to choose an office location that is affordable for you, safe, secure and convenient for your customers. An additional important factor is that your customers must know about you and have good reasons to choose you over your competition. This is where online ratings and reviews in social media can help you to increase your exposure and convert more leads into customers as you strengthen your brand and reputation. Even the leads you receive from offsite networking will likely take time to learn more about you online. Part of their due diligence in choosing you will include visiting your website and your social media sites to see what you post and what others are saying about you.

Assuming your customers come to you, the opportunities for professional networking from nearby professionals can significantly add to your business growth. This is particularly true when you are located close to professionals who serve your same market without competition. If your office is off the beaten path, or within a building complex where the tenant mix includes retail, multimedia, restaurants, pet care among professional services, it is unlikely that you will derive a great benefit from professional networking. Being located within a professional office park that attracts other professional services that serve your same type of customer, is the key to helping your business thrive. Analyze your neighboring tenants to determine if networking relationships can be a win-win for both of you. If not, the location is probably not a good choice for your business.

Another important location factor is the desirability of the area. This is where Bonita Springs Florida becomes a top location destination. It is well known how people from all parts of the US and the world flock to Bonita Springs because of the lifestyle it offers residents, seasonal visitors, and tourists. Bonita Springs is truly a tropical paradise where beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, golf, parks, shopping, restaurants, schools, nature, historical attractions and much more provide a lure for upscale year-round residents, seasonal snowbirds, and travelers from the US, Canada, and Europe.

Why Choose Bonita Professional Park

Located in a prime area of Bonita Springs just off 41 and Bonita Beach Road, the Bonita Professional Park offers professionals a location that can’t be beaten for access to an upscale market, affordable costs, a well maintained and secure property and desirable tenant mix. Coming soon, two anchor tenants will be opening their doors at Bonita Professional Park – a Day Spa & Wellness center, and adult day care.

In a 8,065 Sq Foot space, the spa will attract health, fitness and beauty customers who have resources to invest in personal training and fitness, massage therapy, permanent make-up, manicures and pedicures, gel nails, facials, teeth whitening and facial and body waxing treatments – everything needed to restore, rejuvenate, relax and beautify one’s face and body. The spa will provide services to a large number of upscale local residents, snowbirds, and vacationers to Bonita Professional Park all year long. Spa customers will serve as receptive prospects for neighboring professional tenants.

An adult day care, also opening soon in 4,755 Square Feet, will provide high demand services for affluent seniors and disabled adults in need of assistance. This facility, an alternative to expensive home care and nursing home care, will provide a year-round refuge and ideal solution for families who want their loved ones to receive quality supervision and assistance while still being able to remain in their home. Both the spa and adult day care will provide an abundance of receptive prospects for neighboring professional tenants. These two large anchor centers of activity can be a source of business for all tenants through mutual referrals from professional networking relationships. This is your best way to profit from a networking relationship in a professional office location.

Are you ready to take your professional business to the next level?

Answer yes if you can see the value in a prime Bonita Springs professional office location where you can leverage your business through an alliance with a full-service day spa and adult day care, have your choice in office sizes and configurations, save a lot of money, and occupy a newly renovated building with ample security and parking.

Within this 52,000 SF building complex, you can choose move in ready and fully customizable office spaces in virtually every size and configuration to meet your needs. With Bonita Professional Park, you are choosing a professional office park located in the heart of Bonita Springs. Extra perks include assistance with build-outs and other renovations, reasonable rents, no impact fees, abundant parking and a management team that is there to help you get what you need to set up a thriving business.

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