Snowbirds in SW Florida Mean a Boost for Your Professional Office Services

If ever there was a great time to grow your professional office services in SW Florida, it is right now. You’ve probably noticed the increase in traffic on the roads in Naples, Estero, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and other SW Florida areas. And if you thought about the Snowbirds coming back with more and more migrating during the seasonal months from Northern US cites, Canada and Europe, you may be excited about an opportunity to add a significant source of revenue to your business. Consider that the overwhelming majority of those travelers are seniors – retirees who need doctors, dentists, chiropractors, spa services and physical therapy. Some are investing in real estate and need help with insurance, financial and legal matters. There will never be a better time to open a strategic location for your professional office to access this upscale booming seasonal market.

Success Formula for Your Professional Office Services

When you think of Snowbirds and their lifestyle, you probably realize that convenience, quality and cost are their primary objectives. But even if you’re the lowest price and are not known for quality, you can eliminate most of that market. That’s where an online reputation with 5 star ratings and reviews is really important. People will go online in Google and if you’re not listed or you have no favorable ratings, you will lose out to competitors who do. But even with great ratings, if you’re not in a convenient location in a modern, safe, well-maintained property with plenty of parking, you’re definitely not going to get their attention. So the real key to capturing this market is to have a great online reputation, charge reasonable fees and locate your office in a convenient, well maintained professional office complex where your prospects can access multiple professional services that they need and want all at one time. Implement this formula and expect to see a surge in foot traffic almost right away.

Choosing the Right Professional Office Space Location…

Before you jump into a professional office space decision, make a plan that analyzes your projected income, office expenses and your ability to make a profit. Consider that smaller companies who try to compete with major corporations that have massive budgets, generally don’t do very well. If you’re looking at becoming their neighbor in expensive prime retail shopping center space or medical office buildings next to a hospital, you will soon find yourself drowning in debt and out of business quickly. Unless you are in a building complex close to heavily traveled regions occupied by an upscale market, you’re eliminating the convenience factor. Of course you also want to consider the value of networking and cross-referrals from neighboring tenants who do not compete but serve the same market. So the real answer to choosing the right professional office space location is to find a property that is convenient, affordable, well maintained and occupied by tenants who can be a powerful source of leads and business for you.

The Perfect Location for Your Professional Office Services…

You may think that finding the right location to capture this affluent seasonal market of Snowbirds is a very tall order. Here’s where an opportunity that won’t last long is waiting for you right now. Currently there is space available in a newly renovated, well maintained professional office park in a great location close to 41 and Bonita Beach Rd. This prime property offers reasonable rents and CAM expenses, no impact fees, great security, plenty of parking and neighboring tenants who will share your market without competition. From this location, you will have access to an abundance of local year-round residents, snowbirds and visitors from all over the world – an upscale market who live and stay in affluent communities and hotels.

Right now within this 52,000 SF building complex, you can choose move in ready and fully customizable office spaces in virtually every size and configuration to meet your needs. With Bonita Professional Park, you are choosing a professional office park location in the heart of Bonita Springs with access to a large market of affluent adults and seniors including those from an adult day care. Extra perks include assistance with build-outs and other renovations and a management team that is there to help you get what you need to set up a thriving business. Contact us at (877) 226-3312 for a free tour without any obligation.


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