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The Perfect Office Space for an Adult Day Care is Move In Ready!

An Opportunity to Profit from Senior Services in Bonita Springs

if you provide services to seniors and disabled adults and would like to benefit from a massive market of aging Baby Boomers in Bonita Springs, the perfect office space is move-in ready. Right now, you can take advantage of an exploding trend and demand for assisting an aging Baby Boomer population that is growing exponentially.

Here’s why this is such a great opportunity. When you drive around SW Florida, you can’t help but notice the enormous increase in facilities for Alzheimer’s and Memory Care. They can’t build them fast enough! But what about the people who just need some assistance during the day? Services to support this huge population in need of assistance are expensive and are not available in a group environment. Generally, seniors and handicapped adults must rely on expensive home care where activities, therapy, and socialization are piecemeal at best. A central adult day care location where adults can get the assistance they need in a caring and supportive environment among other adults is likely to delay progression of their illness and the need for institutional care. Families want to keep their loved ones at home as long as possible and they need help. If you’re beginning to understand the opportunity you have right now with an adult day care center in Bonita Springs, then you will want to take action fast.

What You Can Expect in this Fully Equipped 4,755 SF Newly Renovated Space

An adult day care tenant’s loss can be your gain. Recently, this immense professional office space was renovated to accommodate an adult day care center. But the lease fell through and this incredible space has never been occupied. It is brand new, complete with furniture for a central activity area, a multimedia room, a game room, multipurpose rooms that can be used for therapy and general offices, a fully equipped kitchen and spacious bathrooms for men and women.

Located in a busy main thoroughfare in the heart of Bonita Springs, the location could not be better. It is part of a 52,000 SF professional office complex just off 41 and less than a mile South of Bonita Beach Rd. Once the senior service center is occupied, it will be an anchor where many other types of professionals can benefit from networking relationships.

Other Professionals Who Will Benefit

Perhaps you are a professional and provide services to seniors? Probably it’s crossed your mind how convenient it would be if supervised adults in an adult day care within the same building complex could get their dental care, vision care, physical therapy, hair care and general medical care from an office next door. That could be your office where you have a ready source of new and repeat business. The families will love having all of these services available. It will greatly reduce their stress in coordinating and transporting their loved ones to needed appointments.

Within the 52,000 SF of offices at Bonita Professional Park, there are several move-in ready spaces for almost any type of professional service. If ever you wanted an opportunity to hit the ground running with almost immediate profits and a substantial ROI, request a tour of the property.

Everything You Need for Success is at Bonita Professional Park

Besides access to a booming market who will readily fill your appointment spots, here are some other reasons why an office at Bonita Professional Park is a really good choice:

  1. The building is in an ideal location. It is convenient and close to main roads and affluent neighborhoods with residents who can afford your services.
  2. There is plenty of parking. And the parking lot is well lit to enhance security in the evening hours.
  3. The building is well maintained and in good condition. Extensive renovations were just completed for the building exterior including roofing, painting, landscaping, lighting and signage.
  4. The rent is extremely reasonable for the area.
  5. Expensive impact fees have already been paid, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your lease.
  6. The management will be happy to assist you with build-outs and other renovations that you require.

Call today or visit us online and request an appointment for a personal tour. CALL (239) 301-3303



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